Waterless Urinal System

The AirFlush waterless urinal system is designed for robust, odour-free operation without the need for special chemicals or other consumables.

Ideally suited to sites with multiple urinal bowls and very heavy usage, the AirFlush urinal system has been specified for commercial and public sector settings throughout the UK, including schools, bus stations, visitor centres, sports venues and hotels.

Note: Urinal bowls pictured for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change.

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Key Features

Save Water

Completely waterless urinal system will reduce your water charges

Reduce Costs

No need for consumables mean yearly running costs of approx. just £10

Eliminate Bad Smells

Integral fan creates gentle flow of air down the urinal bowls removing odours

Simple Maintenance

Single central trap for quick and easy maintenance

Save up to 40,000 litres of water / year per urinal


Based on figures from the Environment Agency


How AirFlush® Works

The AirFlush systems owes its successful operation to four main details:

Urinal bowl design

The urinal bowls are hygienically designed to minimise splash back and direct any drips to the floor, rather than the pipework or wall where it is difficult to clean. The outlet is an integral factory installed spigot, which eliminates leaks.

No individual traps

Individual traps are a maintenance headache and invariably leak once dismantled for unblocking. The AirFlush system eliminates individual traps and uses a single easily cleaned trap at the drain end.

Negative pressure system

Without individual traps convection currents could cause odour problems but the AirFlush system uses a low wattage, long-life DC fan to maintain a gentle flow of air down the urinal bowls. The fan power consumption is similar to that of mains powered urinal controllers, I.E. about 3W.

Waste pipes

Wastes are specified at 50mm minimum and installed at 1:18 minimum fall to prevent scale build up.

Waterless Urinal System - AirFlush

Urinal bowl design pictured are subject to change

Questions about AirFlush?

Not sure whether AirFlush is the right urinal system for your washroom? Questions about installation or specifications?
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Documents and Maintenance Information

AirFlush Installation GuideAirFlush Installation Guide

Installation Guide
.pdf | 1.6 MB

AirFlush Maintenance InstructionsAirFlush Maintenance Instructions

Maintenance Instructions
.pdf | 180 KB

AirFlush SpecificationAirFlush Specification

.doc | 45 KB