Brecon CGL™ Tough Children’s Cubicles

All the great features of the Brecon Junior school cubicles, but with some added brawn.

Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) panels teamed up with durable fittings mean your cubicles should never be out-of-order. Popular in schools washroom that feature shower areas or have a very high user volume.

Choose from square, arch, or reverse-curve door profiles, and from a range of vibrant colours.


  • Kick-proof panels are resistant to vandalism – they can even withstand a sledge hammer!

  • Anti-rust fittings and waterproof panels to prevent mildew and bacteria growth

  • Low-height doors so teachers can supervise children

  • Anti-trap hinges create a gap between the door and panel, so small fingers won’t get squished


Price Scale: Medium Partiton Depth: 1500mm (standard)
Availability: 10 – 15 working days Cubicle Height: 1955mm (standard)
Environment: Dry and Wet Panels: 13mm CGL
Fittings: Heavy Duty SAA Edging: Rounded (black)

Questions about school toilet cubicles?

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CAD Block
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Popular Colours for Brecon CGL Cubicles

Greenlam Designer White image swatch

Designer White

Greenlam Black colour Swatch


Greenlam Electric Blue Colour Swatch

Electric Blue

Greenlam Lime Colour swatch


Greenlam Red Dynasty Colour Swatch

Red Dynasty

Popular Vinyl Designs

Cubicle Centre offer an alternative range of exclusive vinyl designs which can be applied to your cubicle doors on request. See below for some of the designs available. You can also request a vinyl sample via post (UK). Click the button below.

Door vinyls Happy Everything

Happy Everything

Childrens door design Space Adventure

Space Adventure

School vinyl design Colourful Chameleons

Colourful Chameleons

Fun cubicle design ocean view

Ocean View

Happy Everything vinyl door design

Children's vinyl cubicle door designs

Standard Dimensions

Cubicle dimensions Brecon

Overall Height: 1955mm
Floor Clearance: 155mm
Door Width: 600mm
Door Opening: 550mm
Partition Height: 1800mm
Partition Depth: 1500mm
Start/End Fascia: 150mm
Middle Fascia 300mm

Brecon Cubicle Fittings

Adjustable cubicle leg Brecon

Indicator Face

Cubicle latch Brecon

Wide Base Cubicle Leg

Indicator Face Brecon

Robust ‘Single Action’ Latch

Cubicle hinge Brecon

Hidden Safety Hinge

Panel Material

CGL cubicle panel

Compact Grade Laminate (CGL)

Constructed from multiple layers of high quality kraft paper, reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature.  This produces tough, high density, totally waterproof and hygienic panels that have a high level of strength.

All visible CGL panel edges are machined to a smooth round profile.

CGL is the ideal choice for washroom and changing room areas that have very high traffic, robust and wet conditions.

To prove just how durable our CGL panels are, we put them to the ultimate test.

NBS Specification

This product is associated with:
NBS Create clause – 25-05-60/160 Panel cubicle system
NBS clause – K32 Panel cubicles / duct and wall linings / screens (120 PANEL CUBICLES)

nbs plus