Project Description

This brightly coloured toilet block has been specially designed with children in mind

Eco Junior Toilet Block

Brecon – Junior School Cubicles

Shaped doors and vibrant colours. Anti-trap hinges for safety.

Children’s Toilet Cubicles | Wall Panels | Inset Vanity Unit

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Case Study

Elliott Modular Buildings have encountered just about every situation regarding educational accommodation and have thousands of students learning in their re-locatable buildings every year.

The Eco Junior Maxi Toilet Block is the perfect solution to hiring re-locatable toilet blocks for schools and nurseries.

This brightly coloured toilet block includes Eco benefits but has been specially designed with children in mind. The girl’s and boy’s sections are separated by internal doors via a cloakroom area and are clearly colour defined – bright pink for the girls and blue for the boys!

As Elliott’s preferred cubicle supplier, Cubicle Centre manufacture and supply the Brecon Junior Cubicle System for these toilet blocks. Features such as low-height doors and anti-trap hinges and latches make Brecon the perfect choice for Key Stage 1 & 2 – junior school washrooms.

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Colourful toilet cubicles for children

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Eco toilet block for children