Project Description

A beautifully preserved English stone town

Stamford Endowed Junior and High School

Malvern Plus and Zest

Colourful Cubicle Doors and Panels

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Case Study

A beautifully preserved English stone town, Stamford in Lincolnshire was the location for several school refurbishments.

Cubicle Centre was the chosen washroom manufacturer and the project was carried out by DK Services. This included refurbishment of the Stamford Endowed Junior and High School washrooms.

Malvern Plus cubicles were selected for the Junior School in vibrant colours, Blue for the boys and Yellow for the girls, both with Stone Grey partitions. These were complimented by matching wall panel systems and vanity unit kits.

For the girl’s High School, Zest cubicles were a perfect choice due to their increased height of 2100mm along with durable panels and anti-vandal fittings. A row of ten cubicles and six wash basins were presented in Stone Grey and Kiwifruit for a vivid finish.

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urinal wall panels and toilet cubicles

The boys washroom cubicles and panel system

Girls school toilet cubicles

Malvern Plus cubicles in the girl’s washroom

Stamford junior and infant school washrooms