Full Height Privacy Cubicles fitted at Stamford Schools.

Stamford Schools

Privacy Toilet Cubicles

Privacy Toilet Cubicles, hard wearing, vandal-resistant and elegant

Case Study

The Governors of Stamford Endowed Schools announced in May 2022 that the schools would become fully co-educational at all stages. The move to co-educational learning aims to begin from September 2023, with operational transition planning well underway across the schools in preparation for the next academic year. As part of this transition co-educational washrooms have been installed in the school in readiness. Cubicle Centre panels have been specified throughout in both a large gender neutral washroom and in a new state of the art sports facility with colour coordinated themed changing rooms.

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The Green Room

CGL Privacy cubicle panels were specified here.


“…As a facilities manager for a busy school, I am always searching for durable and practical solutions to maintain hygienic and functional facilities for our students.  One crucial element of this is ensuring that the toilets and washrooms are well-equipped and equipped with high-quality cubicles.  After years of trialling different options, I can confidently say that our toilet cubicles from Cubicle Centre have been a game-changer…

Mr Stewart Dorey, Stamford Endowed Schools

The Red Room

CGL Privacy cubicle panels were specified here.

Toilet Cubicle Configurations

“…The first thing I always look for in a cubicle is its durability.  These cubicles are built to last and can withstand heavy traffic, wear and tear, and regular maintenance without showing any signs of damage.  The robustness of these units gives me peace of mind knowing that they won’t need replacing anytime soon.


Another key feature I love about these cubicles is their ease of maintenance.  They’re extremely easy to clean, and the materials used are resistant to bacteria and other harmful pathogens.  This means that our washrooms are always sanitary and hygienic, minimising the risk of spreading germs and diseases among our students…

Mr Stewart Dorey, Stamford Endowed Schools

The Yellow Room

CGL Privacy cubicle panels were specified here.

“…The design is also remarkable.  The sleek, modern look of these cubicles adds a touch of elegance to the washroom area.  They’re also available in various colours and styles, allowing me to customise the toilets, so they blend in perfectly with the rest of the building’s decor….
Mr Stewart Dorey, Stamford Endowed Schools

The Blue Room

The final of the four matching changing rooms see a set CGL Privacy cubicle panels.


“…Overall, I can’t recommend these toilet cubicles enough.  They have been an outstanding investment, raising the bar for toilet infrastructure and enhancing the comfort, convenience, and sanitation of our washrooms.  They exemplify excellence in both aesthetics and functionality, and I am confident that they will continue to meet our requirements for years to come.”

Mr Stewart Dorey, Stamford Endowed Schools

Co Educational Washrooms

The first of several proposed gender neutral washrooms was installed in the main school building, with mixed sex full-height Privacy Cubicles. Dedicated female-only cubicles are set aside on one side of the washrooms for that added aspect of privacy. A communal handwash area was finished off with Corian wash troughs for the added stylish and sanitary detail