Not content with completing the Great North Run this year, just a week later, our very own adrenaline-junkie-in-training, Rachel Stanley, threw herself out of a plane  (along with her very experience tandem dive partner) in the form of a  Challenge Event, in aid of raising money for a local charity –  Kirkwood Hospice.

Kirkwood Hospice is the hospice for Kirklees and opened its doors in March 1987 following 6 years of fundraising, to care for local people living with life-limiting illnesses and provide support for their families and friends, free of charge. It relies heavily on public donations and volunteers and

Heres what Rachel had to say about her latest adventure:

“I did the skydive to raise funds for Kirkwood Hospice as they have been struggling recently, and also because I have always wanted to do a skydive. I really thought that I would love it and wasn’t too nervous – just a bit apprenhensive, but from the minute we jumped out and we were freefalling in the white clouds and mist, I really panicked and couldn’t breath and felt sick! When the parachute opened I felt slightly better, and when we landed I felt Euphoric! Never again though!”

Here at the Cubicle Centre, we’re extremely proud of Rachel, for both braving the terrifying ordeal (your writer cetainly wouldn’t have done it) and for the excellent fundraising work she’s done.

If you would like to undergo your own charity challenge event, including tandem skydiving, you can find out more here.

Thanks to the tandem skydive, Rachel has so far raised the admirable sum of £650. Click here to find out more about the excellent work done at Kirkwood Hospice, or if you’d like to help Rachel’s fundraising, you can contribute here.

Cubicle Centre's Rachel Stanley tandem skydiving in a cloudy sky
Rachel Skydiving from plane