The benefits of our digital resources

At Cubicle Centre we always strive to give our clients and customers the best online experience we can provide.

In this article we thought we would take a look at the other online resources we provide.

Barbour Product Search

Barbour Product Search is an online building product search platform for specifiers to source products and manufacturers.

From our online profile on Barbour Product Search you can easily find company news, informing you all our product news and more. We also offer a range of case studies to see our previous work.

Our BIM library can also be found and accessed from our Barbour Product Search profile, along with technical data which contains a full library of 2D cad objects and washroom guides for schools, campsites and much more.

We also have full catalogue product sheets available for download.

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Specified By

Specified By is online resource to find compare and price building products. It helps you identify our best products for your project which then helps you make informed decisions and compare our products. It also lets you request a quote as well saving you time.

On the platform we host a full range of products which also have 2D Cad files, BIM Objects, brochures, case studies, certifications & standards, specification sheets, images and technical information helping you to be fully informed on your chosen product.

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Create Specification

Our create specification tool on our website lets you quickly create a specification for our products, swiftly and can be done within 60 seconds. The easy to use interface means that anyone can specify washrooms for their projects, if you head over to our YouTube channel you can see how really easy it is.

See The Demo Of Create Specification 

BIM Store

We have been working with BIM store now for many years, since it started to become recognised as the way forward as an industry standard platform. Our online profile on BIM host all our BIM objects ready for use in Revit to help you design your washroom project.  Since launching on BIM our objects have been used and specified in many projects.

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NBS Plus

Our NBS Plus platform, is to help connect with architects in the specification of washroom projects, the platform allows them to quickly add our products to their project swiftly. NBS Plus contains all our specification and clauses on all our product range, this is also coupled with RIBA product selector and helps them obtain the right information on our products that they require when specifying a washroom project.

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