Washroom cubicles are toilet enclosures made to provide a degree of privacy in public spaces. Such structures are found in schools, superstores, and other public institutions that many people frequent.

These private partitions may be small but are a consequential aspect of any environment. That is why your washroom should be comforting and serene and harbour modern amenities to provide a great experience.

Regarding commercial washrooms, the importance of well-designed and functional toilet cubicles cannot be overstated. Cubicle Centre is your best bet for quality commercial toilet cubicles.

Cubicle Centre prioritises your toilet dimensions when offering the best commercial toilet cubicles. This ensures you have the best size fit for your toilet.

The Benefits of Choosing Cubicle Centre

Cubicle Centre prioritises toilet dimensions and the aesthetic requirements of modern washroom designs. Below are what Cubicle Centre provides:

1. High-quality and durable commercial toilet cubicles

Cubicle Centre is committed to delivering high-quality and durable commercial toilet cubicles.

The provider focuses on superior materials and precision manufacturing. Its cubicles meet the necessary toilet dimensions standards and ensure long-lasting functionality in high-traffic environments.

2. Different design options

Cubicle Centre offers diverse designs, catering to various styles and preferences in commercial washroom aesthetics.


When designing a public facility, their selection of commercial toilet cubicles provides flexibility and customizability. This allows you to align the design with your specific requirements.

3. Quality user experience

Cubicle Centre prioritises quality user experience. They consider factors such as privacy, accessibility, and ease of maintenance in their design. This ensures that their commercial toilet cubiclesmeet and exceed industry standards.

4. One point of contact

Cubicle Centre provides a single point of contact—your personal dedicated project coordinator. This unique service ensures a streamlined and efficient experience throughout your commercial toilet cubicle project.

This service also helps simplify communication and address queries promptly. The entire process becomes more cohesive, from discussing toilet dimensions to final installation.

5. Robust fittings

Cubicle Centre offers robust fittings with kick-proof features to add valuable durability to your washroom facilities. Including kick-proof fittings is a testament to Cubicle Centre’s commitment to longevity and resilience in high-traffic environments.

These fittings are designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of commercial use. It provides a sturdy solution and peace of mind for facility managers.

6. Fast lead times

Cubicle Centre’s fast lead times ensure efficient project timelines and help you steer clear of delays. With swift dispatch options, including some as quick as 48 hours, Cubicle Centre prioritises the timely delivery of your washroom solutions.


This commitment to fast lead times not only expedites the implementation of your project but also showcases Cubicle Centre’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Types of Washroom Cubicles

When it comes to commercial and public spaces, the choice of washroom cubicles plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall user experience. Below are various popular washroom cubicles:

1. Pendle

Pendle is a popular washroom cubicle. Cubicle Centre’s Pendle comes with full-height aluminium channels to ensure robust hinges that stand the test of time.

Cubicle Centre also ensures that Pendle has melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) panels to add a touch of elegance. It also features an extra-thick edging of 2mm PVC to assure longevity and easy maintenance.

2. Pennine

Pennine is a cost-effective solution washroom cubicle. Cubicle Centre ensures it is designed to deliver practicality without compromising on quality.

It is perfect for various settings and offers straightforward colour choices, including Speckled or Plain Grey, White or Cream. This allows you to tailor your washroom space to your preferences.

3. Cairngorm

Cubicle Centre prioritises a hygiene-focused design for Cairngorm. It is specially crafted for environments where cleanliness is paramount, such as hospitals, sports, and leisure centres. For over a decade, Cairngorm has proven its worth with kick-proof panels to ensure durability in high-traffic areas.

This type of commercial toilet cubicle features anti-vandal fittings that not only protect your washrooms but also contribute to maintaining their working order.

4. Brecon

This type of commercial toilet cubicle is designed with the unique needs of junior schools in mind. It’s a unique Cubicle Centre design that is the most popular choice.

Cubicle Centre’s Brecon has a combination of durability, safety, and functionality. It boasts an extra-thick edging of 2mm PVC to ensure a pristine appearance. Its rounded and sealed edges offer protection against moisture for long-term reliability.

Cubicle Centre ensures this type of cubicle prioritises safety with anti-trap hinges to create a safe gap between the door and panel. This prevents any mishaps for small fingers.


Establishing washroom cubicles may look straightforward, but it isn’t. That is why you need to employ the services of a tried and trusted washroom cubicle provider. The Cubicle Centre is your sure plug.

With multiple awards of excellence, Cubicle Centre is the first and leading provider of washroom cubicles in the UK for different institutions, which includes schools, commercial settings, and other public facilities.

They provide quality guides to help you make the right decision. For instance, a comprehensive school washroom guide will ease your decision if you are a school owner.