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Running a business is hard to do. There is so much to think about. Making sure the business is turning a profit while ensuring your employees are happy will be main priorities.

But where on your to-do list are refurbishing the work washrooms? It is worth considering because your staff use these facilities every single work day. If you do not provide the correct amount of toilets and basins you might be breaching health and safety regulation. While your employees might feel undervalued if they basic needs for facilities are not being met.

What are the important aspects of the current regulations that businesses need to consider?

The washing facilities you provide for your staff should:

  • Be located in convenient areas (so staff don’t have to travel far to use them)
  • Be in the vicinity of any changing rooms, whether or not provided elsewhere as well
  • Supply clean hot and cold, or warm, water
  • Include soap or other suitable means of cleaning
  • Include towels or other suitable means of drying hands
  • The washroom should be sufficiently ventilated and lit
  • Be kept clean and orderly
  • Separate facilities should be provided for men and women when possible (otherwise a single room with one toilet and lockable door)

How many toilets and wash basins should you provide?

Minimum scale of provision of sanitary appliances for staff toilets in offices, shops, factories and other non-domestic premises used as place of work.

Female toilets

Number of persons at work Number of WCs Number of washbasins
1 to 5 1 1
6 to 25 2 2
26 to 50 3 3
51 to 75 4 4
76 to 100 5 5

Above 100 persons require: 8, plus 1 WC and washbasin for every unit or fraction of a unit of 25 persons.

Male toilets

Every male toilet should have at least one WC. Considerations should be given to the provision of privacy screens between urinals.

Number of persons at work Number of WCs Number of urinals Number of washbasins
1 to 15 1 1 1
16 to 30 2 1 2
31 to 45 2 2 2
46 to 60 3 2 3
61 to 75 3 3 3
76 to 90 4 3 4
91 to 100 4 4 4

Above 100 persons require: 4, plus 1 WC and washbasin for every unit or fraction of a unit of 50 persons.

Office and Workplace Washroom Guide

Cubicle Centre have created a complete washroom guide for offices and workplaces.

The guide helps employers provide staff with excellent facilities which meet regulations set by the Health and Safety Executive. Cubicle sizes, washroom layouts and product recommendations are all included.