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Do this, do that.

Teachers know that children don’t alway react to commands. Especially when left to their own devices. So how can Primary schools promote hygiene in the washrooms?

At Cubicle Centre, we love helping out schools.

So we teamed up with ERIC (The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity) to create a series of school washroom posters. These posters promote health and hygiene in school washrooms. The fun and colourful images cover a range of common problems. Such as hand washing, flushing, drinking enough water and putting rubbish in the bin. Rather than barking commands, the designs communicate a clear message while being silly and unique.

These posters are completely free.

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Hand Washing Posters

These fun characters encourage children to wash their hands

Advice posters for school washrooms

Communicate hygiene and hydration advice with these posters

Silly posters school kids will love

School children will love these silly posters

Remind school children to flush with these fun posters

Remind school children to flush with these fun posters

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