The key to good washroom design is to help promote students’ healthy habits and reduce anti-social behaviour.

All washrooms play a very big part in any school, college or academy. At Cubicle Centre we make sure that your pupils’ washrooms are designed with the thought to promote well-being within your pupils. Full height cubicles are perfect for your visitors, staff or even older students.

Cubicle Centre have manufactured a wide range of cubicle designs and washrooms to suit a variety of educational establishments.

For the nursery and primary sector, we have designed cubicle ranges with lower level doors with a variety of high-quality vinyl prints available that can be applied to your cubicle doors at our factory.

This design of door is a great way of helping your younger pupils feel at ease while allowing adult supervision when needed.

We manufacture cubicle door sizes from 1100mm to 2100mm. When it comes to choosing your washroom cubicles it’s important that they remain in tip top condition even in a busy traffic area such as a school environment.

Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) and High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) are very hard wearing which makes them ideal for school toilet cubicles, duct panels and vanity units.

CGL is impervious to water and its construction removes the need for edging. CGL is highly resistant to vandalism which makes it the preferred choice for all our school washroom cubicles.  These materials will provide a hygienic surface which will be easy to clean and maintain for years to come.

Your school washroom design needs to offer the right balance of privacy for the students with the opportunity for staff supervision to help reduce antisocial habits such as vandalism and, even more so now, bullying which can unfortunately make your washroom a no-go area for younger students.

The best option especially for high schools is to redesign your washroom space to create, if possible, more open space by removing the main door to washroom areas and opting for full height toilet cubicles and have a centrally located vanity unit area. The key to the design is that the more open designed space will help reduce the threat of bullying and other
anti-social habits.

At Cubicle Centre when it comes to specifying your washroom a bespoke approach to your design will ensure that all your differing needs will be met from nursery aged pupils through to high school and also your staff needs can be met.