Washroom cubicles are toilet enclosures made to provide a degree of privacy in public spaces. Such structures are found in schools, superstores, and other public institutions that many people frequent.

These private partitions may be small but are a consequential aspect of any environment. That is why your washroom should be comforting and serene and harbour modern amenities to provide a great experience.

Toilet dimensions need to be considered to provide enough space for free movement, amongst other things. With that in view, here are configurations that can help you make the right decisions when setting up washroom cubicles.

6 Types of Washroom Cubicle Configurations

1. Single Access Cubicle Arrangement

In this kind of cubicle configuration, the cubicles in the washroom can only be accessed from one direction. This means there is only one entry point. This entrance will also serve as the exit.

Beech slats

This is suitable in cases where space is limited and makes the flow of users as straightforward as possible.

The only problem with this arrangement is that traffic can be slow if the washroom serves a larger population, as seen in public spaces where commercial toilet cubicles are used. This can be quite an issue since one way is entry and exit.

2. Side Configuration

In this arrangement, cubicles are situated in one angle of the washroom. This is also suitable for practical space usage and provides more privacy.

However, traffic flow can be affected depending on the corner the cubicles are placed.

3. Multiple Access Configuration

This type of arrangement allows cubicles to be accessed from two different areas. Therefore, users can come from both directions and exit likewise.

This is suitable in places where space isn’t an issue. Multiple access configurations ease traffic flow in larger washrooms, like those with commercial toilet cubicles, where many users frequent.

4. Single Cubicle Placement

Single bathroom cubicle placement is a suitable choice if you want to prioritise privacy above anything else. This is also a good fit for small spaces.

5. Horizontal Arrangement

A horizontal configuration is the best type for large public spaces. This type of arrangement is often found in schools and monetary establishments.

A horizontal arrangement will provide easy access and can be made to cater to many users.

6. Back-to-Back Arrangement

This consecutive or double configuration allows easy access and caters to a larger population. This is cost-effective and is suitable in areas where space is a limitation.

The only disadvantage of such an arrangement is that there is a lesser degree of privacy when compared to the horizontal and single types.

Other Things to Consider When Fashioning Washroom Cubicles

Aside from the way toilet cubicles are aligned, other things must be considered to ensure the utmost convenience.

1. How inclusive is the washroom?

If a washroom isn’t accessible to some people, it can be a problem. Are the shower cubicles dimensions enough to ensure disabled people don’t encounter many usage problems? Are there features to make accessibility easy for them?

Commercial toilet cubicles need to be tailored to ensure accessibility problems are eliminated.

2. Easy Maintenance

When considering the best washroom cubicle arrangement, you should also consider the ease of maintenance.

A cheap cubicle arrangement might not often be easy to clean or promote hygienic practices and vice versa. Cubicle Centre has the expertise to guide you in choosing the setup that will benefit you by considering all necessary factors, including which hygiene and maintenance are prime influences.

3. Budget

All types of cubicle arrangements have both advantages and disadvantages. Some are more expensive to set up than others.

A single cubicle may not cost much, but it will not be the best solution for many users. A horizontal alignment will be more expensive but cost-effective since it can support more users.

Toilet Cubicle Configurations


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Washroom cubicles are essential, especially in public spaces. They provide privacy, encourage space management, and easy access.

Different cubicle arrangements exist, such as single entry, double entry, horizontal configuration, and others. One must be aware of these types to help make the best decision.

Other factors, such as ease of maintenance, accessibility, and budget,must be considered when structuring a washroom cubicle. With all these factors evaluated, your choice reflects your needs and avoids future problems.